Think about a Micro-Wedding...

Big weddings are expensive, limit the time you can spend with individual guests, and big weddings are a lot of work. Wedding venues cost thousands of dollars just to let you on the property and then you often still have to have a planner for catering, tables, chairs, tents, music, photography, flowers, and decorations. 

At RowanLark, you will have plenty of time for set up the day before, and clean up the day after. A full kitchen in the Carriage house is available for you or your caterer. We have parking for up to 20 cars. After the festivities die down, you and up to 15 guests won't have to drive anywhere.

We've had parties, weddings and funerals at RowanLark since 2016 and we've learned a lot about giving guests the best experience possible, even with the need to have social distancing

It is important to remember that RowanLark is not a venue. We are licensed for 5 spaces and this is our home. Although we permit our guests to have Covid-compliant gatherings here, we do not vacate the property and turn over the whole property to you, as some Airbnb hosts do. Please plan on an in-person visit before making a final decision.

For our guests who would like to host a gathering at RowanLark, we offer two day packages starting at $3,000. The base package (2 nights) includes breakfast for up to 12 adults,  4 rooms in the main house and the Carriage House with two bedrooms and a full kitchen. You will have exclusive use of the pool, hot tub (depending on Covid restrictions) and grounds during your event. Events are limited to 45 guests (including overnight guests) for 4 hours. There is parking for 20 cars. Additional hours can be negotiated, but the limit on guests is firm. It may be lowered depending on current Covid restrictions in Montgomery County.

RowanLark is situated on 2.3 acres. We have outdoor seating scattered around the property for about 35 people, so you will need to bring chairs if there are more than 10 people who want to sit together. We have outdoor tables that will accommodate 18, so you may need to rent tables. The front porch is covered and provides good shelter in light rain. It is 12 x 65 feet. We permit tents, but don’t provide them ourselves.

Caterers are strongly encouraged. They will generally provide place settings, set up and clean up. It makes it a happier day for you.  We do not ask for a damage deposit when reputable caterers are used.

Available for additional charges:

Overflow rooms, $150 per night.

Additional time for event, $100 per hour

Additional days, $1,000 per day or room rates, whichever is less.

Pets (Carriage House only), $20 per pet per day. No cats please.

Up to two additional adults in the Carriage House, $20 per adult per day.


RowanLark Rules:

  • No smoking

  • No red wine in the house

  • No glass by the pool

  • No noise that can be heard by neighbors after 10pm

  • Discuss live or loud music with owners in advance