Roger and Jane, our first guests at The Olney Inn:

"Sue and Nancy are the best of both worlds. Instant message response is everything in this fast-paced world. Drive-up that driveway and leave that world behind. I wish we had this place for the girl's weddings! This is not just a bedroom for the night. Besides being a huge bedroom with wonderful built-in woodcraft, the french doors open to the coziest library (with piano) perfect for reading. Nancy served us tea and little cakes that afternoon turned on soft library music and we relaxed. Two walls of the library are built shelves. Nice books I said to Nancy. These are Harold Ickes books she said. You are staying in the bedroom FDR stayed in when he would visit Harold Ickes at Headwaters Farm before Camp David was built for him. I am a huge Harold Ickes fan ever since I saw Ken Burns documentary about our National Parks. For me, it was more than just FDR slept here. FDR came often to this wonderful house; this gorgeous private bedroom and library space. I imagined Eleanor being there too and said hello."

Diane, our first return guest:

"The Olney Inn is an amazing Bed & Breakfast! The home is breathtaking and at the same time, it is very cozy and comfortable. Our sleep was very restful on the very comfortable beds and the rooms are decorated and appointed very well! The history is also very interesting. We thoroughly enjoyed the full tour! Our hosts, Nancy and Sue, are what really made my stay exceptional. I enjoyed myself so much that I returned the very next week with my significant for his birthday and Valentine's Day. He loved our stay as much as I did. If you are looking for an escape from the city you will be very pleased. The beauty of the home, the easy location from both DC and Baltimore, the extreme friendliness of the hosts and the outstanding breakfast that Nancy treated us to was absolutely spectacular!!! Thank you, Nancy and Sue. We plan to return. : ) Best regards, Diane"